I lived a long while in Minneapolis and did most of the work on this site over those years. I concentrated on custom work and what is now Line Line. I worked with galleries, did art fairs. I made a good little life free of a boss or a commute and full of interesting problems.

This was my studio on the Mississippi.

Two years ago I moved way north to a little town in the woods. I have a dog, a cat, a lot of houseplants, and a view of the forest where I walk with the dog. 

I have all the time to myself. I am selfish with it.

I have used all that time (some of the time) to make Big Decisions (other times I walked around and stared at things in the woods). It was time to move away from custom work for a while and put some new thoughts into my own work. Find a way to approach it from another angle.

bmf jewelry needed a re-think. I’m not the 24 year old who started it, time was to step out of it some.

bmf jewelry is sticking around for occasional custom work.

My own designs will be known as LIne LIne.

I wanted to make things about what I was seeing around me in the woods. I notice details, always have. And I wanted to be able to keep working on interesting problems.

I decided to give things a scientific turn- Microscopic. Botanical.

That one’s MINIM.

I’ve always wanted to make large gauge earrings and ear weights.

It’s called Vital Anchor.

Last, I’ll be keeping a blog about all the interesting things in and around my house.

That is Caddis Fly House

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